If you go down to the woods today

Well not technically true. These photographs were taken back in Freezing February. My dear wife and her friends wanted some photographs together with the Bump. So we took a casual stroll down to the park and once suitably freezing we congregated at our house for tea and cakes. I love cakes mmmm. Anyway here’s a few pictures from the day.

John Lewis Cardiff

I have recently completed a commission to photograph John Lewis building in Cardiff and the National Pool in Cardiff for a local company Auxilium who were integral in producing the drawings and 3D models used to construct the building. The brief was to show the buildings in a more dynamic nature than had previously   been captured by the contractor.


Just Hanging !

Went for a walk across Rhossili Down yesterday, and then back across the beach to the Worms Head Hotel ! What a stunning day it was..

As we (me and my good wife Laura) approached the top of the Downs we could see  the Para-gliders & Hang gliders preparing for take off. It was a fantastic site, one which you just couldn’t stop looking at. It was intoxicating watching the control these guys had, literally floating inches from ground. In fact one guy spotted me taking photographs and slowly sidled down beside me (without touching down) and took a business card off me. This was  off the scale on the cool ‘o’ meter.

By the time we had gotten down off the hill and walked across the beach, some of the gliders had  started to land. So I got talking to a couple of them, and it turns out that they work at the Sky diving school in Swansea Airport. Turns out the jump plain was broken down, so the guys being  tue adrenaline junkies, decided to go paragliding to get their fix !

Any how here’s a bunch of photo’s from our walk.

Tondu Learning Centre

Was commissioned to photograph in Tondu recently, they have a center which has been set up by the charity organisation Groundworks.

The area is one of the poorest in the Bridgend area, so the center is much appreciated facililty. Boasting a state of the art computer room and extensive Library.

Here’s a few shots from the day to get a feel for the area.

Apple's Mobileme Galleries for image delivery

Since buying my first Mac back in January, there have been quite a few changes to my work-flow. Changes for the good I might add.

Before anyone starts thinking I am a Mac fanboy , I am not, I am sure you can do just the same on a PC, but what I liked about the Mac and it’s software, is the easy at which I have been able to set up this work-flow.

Its’ all down to Apple’s aperture software and the way it intergrates with the Mobileme service. Once I have finished editing images after a shoot I can pick my selects for the client and with a couple of click’s I am uploading them to an online gallery. The gallery enables the client to download a single image or the whole gallery in a zip file.

Whats really cool too is you can continue to work on the image, making changes to the post processing and then you can synchronsie with the online album with a single click. This is great for collaborative work.

The acid test was when my clients started using the system, the feed back has been very positive, comments such as :- simple -intutive – cool !

So I hope apple broaden the features within Mobileme & Aperture, it would be nice if you could allow the clients to rate the images, or even intergrate a shopping cart & print service.  Come on Apple you know you want to !