Minature Surf

Our family has a history of being connected to the sea, and I am no different. I have very deep emotions about the ocean, love, fear and respect. It has provided such joy to me personally over the years, a few frights too, but it has also been the most terrifying and cruel beast at times in our family.

So this would explain why the sea and the coastline are my most favourite subjects to photograph, and why I always disappear off to take pictures as soon as I catch a whiff of the sea air.

So to the point of this post, I wanted to post a few images from a walk I took last year when visiting Newquay west wales. Being a bit of a surfer, albeit infrequently over the last couple of years. I am sure I am no different to any other surfer when watching perfectly formed, glassy, hollow, but tiny, waves splashing onto the shore, and wishing you could miniaturise yourself and your surfboard and go surf the tiny beasts.

Well what I ended up doing was playing a game of chicken between my SLR and the incoming waves. With the absence of an underwater housing( not being a surf photographer means Ive not had the need) you can understand how this game of chicken could have some serious consequences.

Anyway I though I would shot these little waves using a fast 50mm at wide open aperture, the shallow depth of field helping to create some illusion that these are really monsters.

So here are my three favourites, which just happen to be a sequence of one of these little gems breaking. Enjoy

 (David Griffin)

 (David Griffin)

 (David Griffin)

John Lewis Cardiff

I have recently completed a commission to photograph John Lewis building in Cardiff and the National Pool in Cardiff for a local company Auxilium who were integral in producing the drawings and 3D models used to construct the building. The brief was to show the buildings in a more dynamic nature than had previously   been captured by the contractor.


Time Lapse Transformer installation

I was commissioned by Morrison’s to photograph the delivery of transformer at the new Swansea sub station. The day involved rocking up at the Swansea docks at stupid o’clock in the morning as this huge piece of equipment was being transported on a special trailer which has two tractor units with independent steering at each end. A most impressive piece of kit in its own right. As the top speed was around walking pace (thats what I was told by my client) it was going to cause some potential mayhem on the roads of Swansea hence the early start to ensure the least impact on the surrounding traffic.

BBC My Paintings

During 2011 and 2012 I worked for an organisation called the Public Catalogue Foundation more commonly called The PCF. The Public Catalogue Foundation is a registered charity set up to create a complete record of the United Kingdom’s national collection of oil, tempera and acrylic paintings and make this accessible to the public.

I covered South, Mid and West Wales, but I ended up having to go a little further afield on a few occasions to Llandudno and Anglesey  So I covered pretty much all of wales.

It was a fantastic project to have been involved in, I was lucky enough to visit some beautiful locations all over Wales and meet some great people along the way.

My role as a photographer was to capture images of the paintings to highest standard possible. Using a myriad of ingenious lighting techniques on some occasions to exclude reflections on some awkwardly positioned paintings. It really was quite a challenging and rewarding job.

Below is a typical setup in the Chapel at the Carmarthen Museum.


Mamiya C3

Some more images of my Mamiya c3 which is for sale on ebay and some images I have made with the camera

Ifan 2-4 months

A selection of photo’s of our little Ifan, from 2 months to  4 months old.

Royal day out

We try to go the Royal Welsh most years, but this year we were extra keen, as we wanted to take along our baby boy to experience it for the first time. Not that he is going to remember much being that he’s 4 months old. Anyway more of an excuse for the parents to go I think.

Its a wonderful place to go, me and my wife  are probably guilty of not paying to much attention to specific activities and exhibitors, as we enjoy walking around and soaking up the atmosphere, and people watching. There are certainly some characters to be seen there.

As always my camera is at hand, and the difficulty is not to get too absorbed in just making pictures at the detriment to having a family day out. So here are a few images from the day, click on the image to go to the gallery.